Find a physician appointments contact us home > services we provide > clinical services > washington cancer institute > cancers we treat > head and neck oncology last updated: 08-30-2011 head and neck oncology michael j. Reilly, md, (left) and ziad deeb, md, otolaryngologists, discuss a patient’s mri films. viagra generic Our team of physicians at the center for head and neck cancers practice multidisciplinary medicine in the treatment of these kinds of cancers. buy generic viagra Head and neck cancers are very highly treatable when caught early, but require aggressive treatment using surgery and/or chemotherapy and radiation. Multidisciplinary tumor board at our center, an interdisciplinary tumor board meets to discuss new cases and discuss diagnostic and treatment options. Otolaryngologists (ent physicians), radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists sit on this tumor board. viagra next day delivery Their combined experience results in the best diagnostic and treatment options for all our patients. Unparalleled surgical expertise our surgeons are specialists with many years of experience in treating head and neck cancers. order viagra online A multidisciplinary team approach will provide you with an individualized treatment plan that offers you the best opportunity for treatment success. generic viagra australia paypal Excellence in chemotherapy and radiation our medical and radiation oncologists are the area's best in treating cancers of the head and neck. Our cutting-edge technologies and experience in medical oncology make us the clear choice for patients with these types of cancers. buy cheap viagra Consultations with other specialists in the field, use of advanced medical technology and access to superior patient care give our doctors the advantage when treating head and neck cancers.   where to go from here? Previous topic: center for breast health inside head and neck oncology: our team inside head and neck oncology: patient information inside head and neck oncology: cancers we treat inside head and neck oncology: why choose washington cancer institute inside head and neck oncology: research inside head and neck oncology: treatment options inside head and neck oncology: for referring physicians inside head and neck oncology: professional education next topic: endocrine tumor center scroll to top back to home washington hospital center cardinal irving street, nw, washington, dc 20010 (202) 877-docs link to main site â· privacy policy â· disclaimer. Mri) and positron emission tomography scanning (pet). viagra without prescription 1,2 once head and neck cancer has been diagnosed, the tumour will be graded and staged using the tumour-nodes-metastases (tnm) system (see t. do i need a prescription to order viagra online